I want to talk about Jessica Williams and her site Paperheart (some of her photographs are in the previous post) I tumbled upon this thanks to an accident, and now I'm thinking about making it my default. Why? Because the site is an example of good time put to good use, demonstrating that any idea no matter how quick or small might well turn out nicely. Many of the things this girl has created were ideas I had years (or not years) ago, but never acted on. Unlike other artists, who when they create things I know I could or should have created, she does not spark an idle sickness or jealousy in me. There is no feeling of eager, pulse-quickening defeat and desperate inspiration to "Better" her. Simply, I flip around this site and remember that we're all just a jumble of ideas and it's the lazy ones who get around to realizing them.

Anyway, among other things the girl makes books, which I love and would love to start doing again. I remember once upon a time I had the drive to do it, and did it until I lost it. How sweet to see this simple little works, done simply, over time.

In short, I like to pop in on her every day as a friendly reminder to just follow through, you idiot.

T7+ years of her journaling and bound into a series. I used to keep a journal and found it so interesting and ridiculous that I used to motivate myself to keep going by swearing I'd self-publish it one day. But never did, because of the feeling that there was no real reason to do it. Perhaps that's what is inspiring about it. Doing things for the sake of doing them.

A photo series for Books On Line. And if you haven't heard of Books On Line you're going to pee your pants when you get there.


There have been tornadoes and such, severe thunderstorms, big life decisions, brothers faltering with drug addiction recovery, visiting in-laws, near-nervous breakdowns and sudden sunny realizations; found and killed terrorists, monopolized radio-days, Canadian elections and other things political (Trump's hair, Obama's stand-up comedy); finally, there was the West Wing to finish, books to read (The Ticking Is The Bomb, by Nick Flynn, The People's History of the United States, by Howard Zinn) and old friends to email and be forgiven by: many reasons why one does not need to browse the web for inspiration. For when it stirs and breeds in your own backyard you have no need for others' divine thoughts and visual stimulation. That said, much is settling down now. And so I may peek in and out from time to time. (above, my favorite goldsmith, David Neale)

Also, Abbott started walking. He's a little boy. We look at him in his crib at night and wonder where he's fallen to, our small baby grown up so tall. He tries to talk. He eats solid food. He has two new teeth. I can hardly understand it all. Our cats have become outdoor cats. Our porch is covered in plants from a local greenhouse. A neighbor and I dug a plot, planted a garden. Thunderstorms come every few nights and I'm always totally frightened.

(top: moth pin by Warwick Freeman, via David Neale; other photographs by Jessica Williams of Paperheart)