Our Weekend

While we wait to afford a city where we can resume our careers as actors, we are searching for a purpose outside of being parents. We've been talking about opening up a Cafe here in Winston.

Such a pipe dream has come and gone often in my little head since working at The Lady Killigrew Cafe (pictured below) in Western Mass, but lately as we discuss the potential details, things seem a bit more real. We've started taking notice of locations that would be good and investigating real estate for lease. We're going to be taking a small-business seminar. Hmm. Interesting. We'll see how this idea takes shape.

What we've decided would be the ideal location. Brookstown, Ave in Winston-Salem, NC.

The Lady Killigrew, Montague, MA - former place of employment, was started and used to be owned by good friends of mine.
The first two people I'd talk to if we decided to make this happen. Also the two people most likely to tell me I'm crazy and talk me out of it.

The Last Drop, Philadelphia, PA. A place I used to go to often, where the light is still killer even when it's gray and raining outside.

The Federal in Australia

Bluebird Coffee Shop, NYC

top image via the haystack needle

I want to buy an old house.
Like Jo, here.

both of these via matchbook
(boy, it really is a field guide to a charmed life)

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Walter said upon seeing this, “It looks like I am trying to hold myself together

v. John Gossage, v. This Long Century


Pick-Me-Ups can come in strange forms.

If you're looking forward to warm weather, sometimes seeing pictures of people wearing warm-weather clothing feels good. Or maybe if you're feeling particularly nasty-looking and dumpy, it can cheer you to see that your personal style -- which is normally quite thrown-together and not widely considered to be stylish -- is suddenly taking the limelight, suddenly considered fashionable, thereby leaving you feeling pretty "with it" and well put-together.

Or maybe you'll feel better when looking at incredibly expensive designer clothing and realizing that a lot of it could be recreated -or at best, imitated by the great stuff you'll find at the Salvation Army.

(Not to say these outfits aren't special are anything, Steven Alan)

from the steven alan lookbook


I was in downtown Massillon shooting for a photography class when this kid asked me if I wanted to see a picture. I said yes, and he retrieved a creased “beaver shot” from his back pocket. The boy in the photograph must be nearly middle-aged by now. I wonder what has become of him, and I invent possibilities: he watches Fox News and disdains the “brown menace” of California, a place he barely knows; he sucks off married men he meets online and drinks at the area’s only gay bar, once called Booby’s Why Not Club, now surely called something else; he got the hell out of town, landed in the Inland Empire or the Metroplex, and searched in vain for decent work; he went to an Ivy League school, then worked as a producer in the adult video industry before it all went bust. In pursuit of the American Dream, he may have done all of the above, though not necessarily in the order listed.

photo and blurb by William E. Jones, filmmaker, via This Long Century (if you don't know about this blog, you should. I'll write more on it later.)

v. Huffington Post, in Egypt today

I've mentioned middle school twice in the last week. First, in regard to sitting with cool girls, and second in regard to my so-called life and rolling out of bed and into awkward sweaters (directly below).

This photo feature made me think of it even more. I think it's interesting that our generation has come to glorify not just the fashion of the decades of our childhood --even the lifestyles and the style of taking pictures have become trendy again, for goodness sake-- during a time when our children themselves are so desperately gripping adulthood by the balls and forcing it down their throats.
I know this is a history that repeats itself, but I think most will agree that while we're trying to look and feel like we're back in the 1990s and beyond, our little (little) girls could school us about all things 21st c. Including (not limited to!) boobies and iPhones.

When we were pregnant I thought I really wanted a girl. Now whenever we get out and see what these girls are influenced by, I see that the uphill battle would have been more like scaling a wall.

anglea chase + jordan catalano = valentines day approaches

Thanks to the goods purchased in this week's Thrift runs (two Jos. A Bank sweaters for a buck each,) I'm feeling very middle school. I'm remembering two things I hated back then -- getting ready for school, and winter. Combining the two was the worst. Often a really large sweater was a good answer to both, and while I don't have many memories of feeling particularly attractive in my teenage years I certainly remember that not being the point.

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So this morning I woke up to find unexpectedly that one of the treasuries I recently made had more "views" than usually would. I thought, how strange. I also noticed that more people commented than was usual, and that many of them were not the featured sellers. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this too is strange if you're still living hidden in the Etsy woodwork, as I am. For those of you who are familiar, I'm obviously a rookie and am about to look even stupider to you.

{by the way, it just so happens I featured the very same items in the living section just last night! Check them out there, too...}

Some of the comments were strange to me, and I began to wonder what someone meant when they said, "Lovely FP!" and "Congrats!" and "Ideal FP!"

What was this 'FP'? One seemingly bitter commenter even exclaimed, "You can't be serious," and, still naive, I said aloud to Andrew, "Kidding about what? What are they talking about?" It was Andrew who figured it out. My treasury must have been featured on the Etsy front page! (FP - okay, duh.)

Okay, so maybe I slept through it, but I still got a little giddy. I know, I know. It's really not a huge deal, but for me it feels like it for the moment. It means I'm one step closer to all of this hard work paying off by at least being a little noticed on a site so enormous.

Does this remind anyone else of being asked to sit at the cool kid's table? Am I inflating the situation too much?

Oh god, I'm having horrible middle school flashbacks*...

*A note on the flashback comment: several hours after posting this my dad stopped by for a short visit. We got to talking about my childhood education, of all things (my god, there's a story for another day,) and he happened to mention myself as a 7th and 8th-grader, and my determination to become one of the Cool girls. What a coincidence! Har har har...