You may never have been here before but if you have you're likely pretty confused. I've erased some posts, mixed things up a bit, changed the name a few times and the format. You can detect traces of identity crisis. It's all over the map, seriously.

Last you checked, Andrew and I were walking through downtown Winston with Abbott in his stroller, foraging for fire kindling and living in a one-bedroom apartment without ("practical") heat. I'm pretty sure I was living on the internet. I only made friends through "Mom-specific websites" and usually not very well --with the exception of a new (hah, though it's been a year already) character, Claire, to whom and whose blog I'll probably refer to often.

So since all of that, these things have happened:

1. We did not move to Massachusetts like we'd planned. That is still the future, come hell or whatever...

2. I started working full time, at night, at a restaurant. Still with Abbott during the daytimes, mostly.

3.We left said ground-level apartment for a slightly-bigger upstairs (not fun) apartment in a house full of tenants with dogs that pooped in the front yard, the yard being the reason we moved into the place.

4. There was a cockroach issue, and also, mold.

5. We moved again, to a house. With a big yard and no dog shit. It's beautiful and we're smitten. I'm smitten. We're just waiting to break soil in the back and get started overhauling the yard's perimeter. Apparently, it used to be super lush with vegetable beds and we're going to tap that.

6. Finally, I'm back in school - also full time (I don't think I've cried yet, so we're doing alright...) This will get explained eventually.