I've discovered the shop being closed might have lots to do with a very hurtful feature in a very hurtful blog. I'd forgotten the promise I made to myself when I opened the shop and began this blog to steel myself against angry irrational comments and respond only to constructive criticism. I wrote a response to these people in my defense, and I'm sure will ignite some sort of activity against me. I forgot the world of hurtful people is like a cascade that will only lend way to avalanche.


Sometimes when things like that happen I like to indulge in people like Maggie from Folkloric. He blog's visuals into her daily life (above) remind me that there are people in the world I feel like I could have a conversation with that wouldn't fill me with a feeling of hopelessness.

Other blogs that do this are An Apple A Day and Piccoli Piselli. Thank you for being such positive people in my day-to-day.

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